Spirituality: The Most Neglected Aspect Of Ourselves

Every human being is comprised of three main parts.  The mind, body, and spirit.  The mind is our on board computer that regulates all the functions of the body and stores data and info,.   Most of our brain cells are formed before birth, however, most of the connections among cells are made in infancy and early childhood.  In the first 5 to 7 yrs of a human life, the brain is the most active and develops faster than at any other time in life.  All of the major wiring is created during this time, and environment and stimuli determine how the brain is hardwired.  There are windows of opportunity for learning certain skills, and if a child is deprived of the environment and stimuli necessary to acquire the skill (ie, speech) that area of the brain actually withers away and dies.  Developing a strong foundation early in life is extremely important, then for the most part, humans continue mental growth and maintenance through experiences, education, and other sources throughout life.

After the mind is the body.  The body is a complex machine that houses our spirit and enables us to experience the 3-d world that we currently live in.  It has many functions, is very versatile, adapts to many different climates, environments, and situations.  The largest organ on the body is the skin, which is constantly shedding and reproducing new skin cells.  The body is comprised of several parts including skeletal, digestive, muscular, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, reproductive, and urinary.  The body is also known as the temple of god.  We maintain our body for the most part with healthy diet and exercise.  However, other factors like worry, fear, and stress negatively affect the health of the body.

The last, but certainly not least, is our spirit or soul.   The first two were the physical aspects of  who you are and they are biodegradable.  Before the physical mind and body existed, the spirit did.  In fact, you may have incarnated several bodies throughout time, so your spirit could view different aspects of life from different perspectives and gain wisdom, knowledge, and truth from a variety of experiences.  Unlike the mind and body, which will begin to rot as soon as they cease to function, the spirit is eternal.  Being eternal doesn’t mean that the spirit should be ignored.  When you don’t engage in communicating spiritually, you neglect spirit (god), and it causes the spirit to become dull.  Ever heard the song, ‘This Little Light Of Mine’ or any of the many quotes, scriptures, or saying about the light?  Which serves as proof that light activation or getting in touch with spirit isn’t some New Age fad.  Every person has the potential to activate the light within, but so few choose to do it because there is so much in this world to distract or mislead people.  Everything from religion to addiction to television and gaming.  In fact, life in general can be a distraction.

Spiritual growth also takes discipline.  We live in fast-paced world where instant gratification is the norm.  If you don’t believe me just check out how people act if the drive thru at a fast food restaurant gets backed up for a few minutes longer than normal.  Better yet, take a person who is accustomed to high-speed internet and make them use dial-up.  When a text message doesn’t go through on the phone because of a network issue I ‘ve caught myself grumbling.  ‘I want what I want and I want it NOW’ doesn’t work with spirituality.  It takes setting aside time for yourself.  It means turning off the phone, tv, and computer and taking some time each day to clear your mind.  It means not watching a clock and releasing the worries and clutter in your mind long enough to sit quietly and stop all thoughts.  It takes discipline to sit and just BE.  That means sitting without having expectation of anything special.  Don’t sit there and anticipate some divine revelation.   Remember, a watched pot never boils.

If you want to be successful at becoming in touch with your spirituality then set aside at least 15 minutes each day.  Sit quietly in a quiet spot.  Completely relax and close your eyes, but not too tight.  Let the eyes roll slightly upward as if you are attempting to look at something between your eyebrows.  Take some deep, slow breaths and then focus on each breath.  Notice the sensation of each breath as you inhale and exhale.  Take note of the pause between breaths.  Just relax and let yourself be.  If you find thoughts popping into your head, shut them out and continue.  If you are on a tight schedule and you want to meditate but are afraid you might lose track of time, then by all means get a timer that will alert you when your 15 minutes is up.  Whatever you do, though, don’t give up.  It is more than worth the wait to find the heaven that dwells within.


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  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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